3 Simple SEO Tips

October 14, 2015

SEO – or search engine optimization – isn’t difficult, however it does involve a lengthy process of both on-page SEO and off-page SEO that you need to continuously be monitoring.

Follow these five quick and simple SEO tips and you will have a good start on your road to SEO optimization.

1. Optimize Your Title Tag

Using Title Tag to improve SEO

Using Title Tag to improve SEO

While it’s easy to setup, it’s quite often missed when first building your website. Setting up proper meta tags for your website is important to drive both search engines and new visitors to your website.

For your title tag:

  1. Is it catchy?
  2. Is it descriptive?
  3. Is it under 60 characters?
  4. Does it include you company/blog name?
  5. Does it include keywords?

Keep in mind your title tag not only displays in search results, but also is visible on the browser window (such as favourite bar, or new page tabs). You can also see in the image below that it is important to have a brand name at the start rather than the end because the browser tabs might cut it off otherwise.

Title tag example in browser tabs

Title tag example in browser tabs

2. Improve your Website Page Speed

Search Engine’s have narrowed their focus on ranking website’s based on their overall usability to a user instead of searching for the highest keyword count. One such example of basic usability is monitoring your website’s page load speed.

With the huge number of scripts, images, and external media being loaded on the average website, your page load speed could be grinding to a halt!

It is important to analyze all of these items and determine if they are offering enough of a positive effect on your website. Do you really need all 15 social share buttons? Here are a few things to take care of to ensure a smooth and snappy website:

  1. You need good hosting. A shared web host is often not worth the hassle.
  2. Remove unnecessary scripts (often from multiple plugins if you run WordPress).
  3. Scale down and minimize your images to the size you need.
  4. Use CSS whenever possible instead of an image

3. Are you using Search Console?

Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, the new Search Console is a key tool when building your website SEO. Luckily for you, it is a free service that allows you to constantly monitor your website for:

  • Malware
  • 404 and other Crawling Errors
  • Sitemap Indexing
  • Inbound Links
  • Mobile Performance
  • Search Queries
Google Search Console - The new Webmaster Tools

Google Search Console – The new Webmaster Tools

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