Reliable Backup Solution

January 5, 2015

There is no question – the worst thing that can happen to a developer is having your entire computer crash and you loose all of your data. It will happen at least once. Maybe it’s just that one important file you really needed and accidentally overwrote it. Whatever the case, hopefully I can help you […]

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Yosemite Full Screen Button

October 20, 2014

If you have already updated to the latest OS X Yosemite, you might have noticed that the “fit to content” green button is now “fullscreen“.┬áThe old functionality still exist, it’s just hiding: Hold Option and click the green button for the old “fit to content” style. On a sitenote, if you haven’t already downloaded BetterSnap […]

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Current Setup/Workflow

October 19, 2014

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a perfect setup and workflow, but what I do have seems to be working for the time being so I thought I would share. Hardware: 2013 27″ iMac, 16GB RAM, 1TB HD, Fusion Drive 2 x 24″ el’cheapo monitors Das Keyboard Yeti Mic (awesome now that you can make […]

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