How to Setup WordPress locally with MAMP

Step by step:

  1. Install MAMP
  2. Download WordPress
  3. Link MAMP with WordPress folder
  4. Open MAMP Start Page, and goto PHPmyAdmin
  5. Click Database tab, and create new database
  6. Visit your site
  7. Begin WordPress installation

Database: What you created in PHPmyAdmin
Username: root
Password: root



Developing your WordPress website locally on your computer has significant advantages compared to trying to build on a live server (live to the public or not). Some benefits include:

  • Speed – loading intensive pages such as WP Admin, or other pages
  • Save time –┬áDon’t need to wait for files to upload if you work locally
  • No worrying about breaking the site because nobody else will know!
  • Easier to setup CSS Pre-Processors such as LESS or SASS
  • Easier to automatically minimize files
  • Easier to automatically reduce image file sizes
  • No worrying about getting hacked mid-development

Unfortunately there is a downside to working locally. Eventually you will have to transfer the website onto a live server, and depending on your skill level that can be a bit of a task. Luckily for you, these days there are some great tools and online resources that walk you step-by-step to get your website from a local install to live web server.

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